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In elementary school children, iconographic rating scales (smiley scales) have been found quite useful.

A two-year longitudinal study of neuropsychological and cognitive performance in relation đồ sộ behavioral problems and social competencies in elementary school children.

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Aggressive behavior and peer social status of elementary school children.

It is possible that studies exploring the transition from elementary school đồ sộ middle school might similarly find increases in borderline features, particularly among girls.

Secondary school teaching rapidly became a graduate profession, while interwar elementary school teaching moved quite rapidly in that direction.

This study explores 19 elementary school children's responses đồ sộ and interpretations of eight picture books with metafictive devices.

This article presents a case study of an elementary school situated within a prestigious school district that has undergone rapid demographic change in recent years.

It seems that only elicited production will detect a morphological deficit, at least in elementary school children.

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It is possible that children will continue đồ sộ have difficulty with the use of some prepositions even into the early elementary school years.

This effort focused on reducing aggression, including violent acts among elementary school students.

This variable identifies those subjects who were maltreated only during the elementary school age period, between ages 6 and 11 years.

It appears that this sample of urban elementary school children experiences growth in several processes that place them at risk for future aggression and violence.

The elementary school, up đồ sộ 8th grade, is attended by 45 students, while high school instruction is offered đồ sộ about 120 students.

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Disruptive boys with stable and unstable high fighting behavior patterns during junior elementary school.

Prediction of elementary school children's externalizing problem behaviors from attentional and behavioral regulation and negative emotionality.

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