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They are very dangerous, these sudden emergences of politically-minded classes.

Capitalism is part of the emergence of a more complex modern world.

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Despite this, historians continue to lớn attribute the emergence of new forms of governance to lớn a clash of cultures between east and west.

However, the liberal reform period did witness the creation of structural conditions that strongly favoured the eventual emergence of these regimes.

I see no forces in our society that tend towards the emergence of a communitarian shared understanding.

If timing and frequency of instructional input vì thế not determine order of emergence or frequency of use of will and going to lớn, what does?

In the more general case of the emergence of will and going to lớn, neither timing nor frequency of input seems to lớn affect learner production.

Prefabricated patterns and the emergence of structure in second language acquisition.

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No specific sự kiện marks its emergence in the vocabulary applied to lớn long-term care for older people.

In this tradition of self-irony thus the babu reflected on the contingency of his own historical emergence, with a mixture of admiration and secret anxiety.

Evaluating the impact of these costs on household production and the emergence of specialized maize preparation is the central theme of this paper.

By using the same uncertainty-monitoring paradigms across species, it should be possible to lớn map the phylogenetic distribution of metacognition and illuminate the emergence of mind.

Our current work is exploring patterns of recovery, and, in particular, critical period effects in the progressive emergence of modularity.

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Post-parasitoid emergence, vacated hosts continued to lớn consume very small quantities of food until their death, at 10-12 days post parasitism.

The lines into the figure represent iso-thermal times from seedling emergence to lớn anthesis.

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