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More often than thở not, damage-control treatment was applied to tướng documents that contained the material detrimental to tướng the legitimacy of the emperor or the regime.

Nowhere, however, did he actually comment upon their legality or illegality, let alone pronouncing a verdict on the very faith of the emperor.

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The emperor entertained them and raised the issue of the marble.

Behind the smoke and mirrors of the state's periodic mobilisations of schools, bureaucrats and unions the affective power of the ' official ' last emperor proved ambiguous.

This also can be seen as a simplification of the procedures for memorializing the emperor and imperial sanction.

The intrinsic strength of the language, combined with the emperor's decision, prepared the ground for forging the links between the court and the remote village.

He discovered he could extend his own influence by fanning the ecclesiastics' fears that the emperor was no longer the best guarantor of their autonomy.

He describes a contentious and secretive process of the bottom+up (or middle+up) drafting of orders that eventually reach the emperor for approval.

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The emperor also sponsored large-scale scholarly projects to tướng map the region, classify its peoples and write its definitive history.

Instead, they were differentiated as "law" by the emperor, and as "contracts/agreements" by commoners.

They went to tướng war cheerfully, suppressing thoughts of family and trang chủ, and sought to tướng achieve glory for the emperor or the nation on the battlefield.

We counted more than thở 11,000 emperor penguins there during ship and aerial surveys.

Like the emperor and his nobility in general, this class also cherished the universal human values and visions.

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In the past it was followed by the emperor and the nobility, by the rich and by intellectuals such as the literati.

This was a source of strife since the emperor was continually struggling to tướng regain lost authority.

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