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Perhaps local authorities should consider becoming enablers rather than vãn providers.

When local authorities are providers rather than vãn enablers, they are always monopoly providers.

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However, their primary responsibility as enablers is lớn make things happen.

We must recognise that, under the new community care arrangements, local authorities will increasingly become enablers rather than vãn providers in the care business.

As our experience of recent operations shows, air transport and air refuelling are key enablers of the successful deployment and use of our forces.

The agenda includes transactions, access channels, enablers, e-business and organisational development.

Almost inevitably nowadays, they would tự that in their role as enablers rather than vãn as providers.

If they become enablers, they are given the crucial role of monitoring more carefully and closely the quality of services provided.

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He said that local authorities are enablers as well as providers, and that they will co-operate with one another, selling one another their services.

I see this as an important step in developing the role of local authorities as "enablers" rather than vãn providers of housing.

We shall give back lớn local authorities their key role as both providers and enablers in increasing the supply of affordable homes.

We see our proper role as one of working in co-operation with the service providers and enablers lớn evolve a strategy for implementation.

Local democracy apart, consumers are entitled lớn a more certain sign that local authorities, as enablers, are meeting their commitments.

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The new emphasis on local authorities acting as enablers rather than vãn direct providers of subsidised housing parallels the expansion of the housing association movement.

Another challenge is that the role of authorities is changing as they increasingly become enablers rather than vãn direct providers of services.

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