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The oboe, on the other hand, offers very little for the eye, though some players attempt lớn compensate for this with grand gestures.

Ordinary image recognition techniques are applied lớn the đoạn Clip frames lớn find the eye, the position of eyelids and the centre of the pupil.

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In a separate session, the orientations of the gratings were reversed so sánh that each eye viewed each orientation in a counterbalanced design.

The author suggested that this animal might have recovered normal eye alignment.

To reduce the risk of error of measurement due lớn undetected eye movements, we preferentially sampled cells with receptive field outside the area centralis.

Firing patterns of neurons in abducens nucleus and surrounding medulla and their relation lớn eye movements.

It provides a focal point for the viewer, leading the eye and telling it where lớn rest.

If the sight of it and similar hieroglyphics offends your eye, then this is not the book for you.

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It takes that sort of time for things that are under your eyes lớn become disposable within culture.

In these cases, strong responses differ substantially in measured amplitude in a way that is most readily explained as the result of eye-movements.

Thus is the eye trained lớn see similarities and differences.

The tests were carried out as the last of a battery of eye-movement tasks, including smooth pursuit and prosaccade tasks.

Fish were transferred serially such that eyes could be sampled after periods of 0, 2, 5, 10, and trăng tròn days of exposure.

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It is however unclear how and why eye movements would depend on spatial frequency and contrast in order lớn trương mục for the observed results.

Additionally, in related utterances, the adults spoke directly lớn the child as evidenced by their chosen words, eye gaze, toàn thân orientation, and gestures.

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