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The supplier alone prepares the proposal and face-to-face meetings are very late and adversarial.

Where face-to-face attendance at team meetings is difficult, access to lớn alternative ways of communicating with other team members will be found.

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In face-to-face communication, indicators of emotions, such as facial expressions, are mostly displayed subconsciously.

Ninety-five people volunteered to lớn participate and answered a face-to-face questionnaire in the presence of an interpreter, after written informed consent was obtained.

To address this question, this study examines referential practice in a particular kind of face-to-face workplace setting, the service counter of a quick print cửa hàng.

The qualitative analysis demonstrates how pronoun alternation functions as a contextualization cue in face-to-face interactions.

In general, parents in individualistic societies foster the child's symbolization and tool use through special moments of play that are organized around face-to-face interactions.

Parents sometimes played with the infant, engaged in face-to-face interaction with the infants, or conversed with the recording assistant.

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First we examined the likelihood of parent and child having face-to-face tương tác several times a week depending on the class of both parent and child.

Discourse analysis can illuminate how the experience of ageing and later life is lived through face-to-face interaction.

When resources in the healthcare sector diminish, decision makers are brought face-to-face with difficult decisions of prioritizing treatment among patients.

In the contrast, she incidentally but helpfully reminds readers of important characteristics of face-to-face vocal communication.

The inner portion of the joint has face-to-face tương tác and no glue.

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Although both studies consisted of several waves of either telephone or face-to-face interviews, our analyses are based only on the face-to-face interviews.

Client satisfaction in a feasibility study comparing face-to-face interviews with telepsychiatry.

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