face value là gì

There is a danger that this appealing vision might obscure significant problems with reintegration if taken at face value.

In short, assumption (1) seems not to lớn take advantage of linguistic relations among data, and takes the similarity of two contexts at face value.

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It would be naive to lớn take the restructuring of the security forces at face value.

A number of historians vì thế appear to lớn have taken such pronouncements at face value.

But this self-presentation cannot be taken at face value.

Such a methodology is too inductive to lớn be taken at face value.

Again, the column for max lists the values that the model predicts the authors will find by taking the negative time trend at face value.

It is important to lớn validate that information further before taking it at face value.

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No, simplistic face value seems a better way to lớn interpret the piece.

One may now speculate on the location of "the conceptual" in the sự kiện generator by considering the terms "background," "basis," and "heart" at face value.

If we vì thế not take complainants at face value, how are we to lớn investigate their claims?

At face value, the psychophysical data suggest that these may be quite uniformly distributed.

The market price of the bonds would be equal to lớn the face value of the bonds.

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Taken at face value the statistics seem to lớn suggest a rapid and progressive displacement of traditionally prevalent attitudes which were unfavourable to lớn childbearing outside marriage.

I simply accept what their adherents say about the other religions at its face value.

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