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Most sanitation systems for human excreta are on-site facilities, including latrines, non-sewered public toilets and septic tanks.

The full utilization of existing private production facilities, with some renovation, was assumed to tướng be sufficient at this stage.

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Finally, growing trees for energy would reduce another 2.2 tons of carbon per hectare in the village facility and 3.6 tons in the centralized facility.

Alternatively, they might reflect more general patterns that differentiate types of treatment facilities.

Moreover, these kinds of acts typically require agents with a particular skill or facility.

The facility is placed in a specially designed four-stage building.

The facility is used for different biological, chemical and aerodynamical experiments.

The facility prisoners indicated comparatively more difficulties with, or involving, movement.

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In addition, our bilingual groups differed in their levels of facility in the second language.

Both large scale laser facilities designed to tướng achieve ignition soon after 2010 are nearing completion.

However, the possibility of constructing facilities that would soon be underutilized was quite strong.

In sum, most of the non-facility respondents were busy and engaged in the institutional routine.

The supply-related approach not simply considers the number of health care facilities available to tướng the population, but also their degree of specialization.

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It enlarges the critical mass and opens possibilities for sharing facilities.

Other day centres shared sites\premises with other facilities for elderly people, in particular residential homes and resource centres.

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