false teeth là gì

Eyeglasses, hearing sida, false teeth, limb braces, and other assistive technologies possess a quality of easy reversibility.

I knew a man who pledged his false teeth.

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The sida include hearing sida, false teeth or artificial hips, and they are substitutes for the physical attributes of a normal, healthy person.

They are lớn be bitten with false teeth but only after they have twice deserved a bite.

That was why they introduced charges for false teeth and glasses in 1951.

I understand that also lớn mean the provision of such things as false teeth.

People tự not wear false teeth for extravagant reasons: they wear them because they cannot eat.

It seems lớn mạ as important lớn get food for people lớn eat as lớn give them không lấy phí false teeth lớn eat nothing with.

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The suggestion was made lớn him that while in this country he should get a new mix of false teeth.

Many of my constituents went without false teeth for years because they were unable lớn make any contribution towards the charges levied.

Let no one think that it is going lớn stop at the introduction of a charge for false teeth.

The dental mechanic is the person who actually makes the false teeth.

A small minority of little children no doubt lose their spectacles; they might drop their false teeth down a drain, or something of that sort.

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Without it, we should be in peril of losing, not merely our không lấy phí false teeth, but freedom itself.

I think that if we are lớn look at this question, we ought also lớn look at the question of spectacles and false teeth.

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