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It is one of the most famous desserts in that region and is likely based on the rasgulla, which is a close variation.

This town was famous for the quality of earthen pot and rice.

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It is famous for its grand towers (pyrgoi).

It is regionally famous for its crabs (of the "wanigani" variety), mikans, and oysters, the latter of which is in season during the winter.

After her final in 1999, there were new members who made this group famous.

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Nevertheless, it would be another eight years before he would become famous lớn the colony.

Many train stations have since become famous for their especially tasty "ekiben", made from local food specialties.

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These would become famous for their mix of politics, literary figures, and farmers.

She has also, however, become famous for her hardline stand on reducing welfare payments.

There, at the encouragement of friends, she began writing the books for which she would become famous.