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The exploration of the term ' fanatic ', for instance, is a wonderful lexicographical history.

The rebels were - depending on one's point of view - selfless patriots, nihilist fanatics, or depraved thugs.

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The opposition would not tend to tướng die out as quickly as it actually does, with its most ardent supporters being derided as fanatics, often by their co-religionists.

I admit that only fanatics would attribute all juvenile crime to tướng horror comics or sensational films, or even to tướng the neglect of parents.

Secondly, these means are those most often used by political fanatics and other enemies of law and order.

There are some who will say that those considerations apply only to tướng the hard core of fanatics.

These are the two or three fanatics, these are the people who are not realists.

The wooded rubber estates and wild jungle are ideal haling places for these small bands of armed fanatics.

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He is clearly a private practice and private bed fanatic.

He was in some way under pressure from—in fact, he was seriously beholden to—religious fanatics, fundamentalists.

Probably none of us would wish to tướng be labelled a fanatic but many of us are enthusiasts.

I am not associated with a "ragbag of fanatics ".

These are the voices not of fanatics, but of hard-headed steel smelters who evidently know what they are talking about.

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One group is the fanatics, and they would never be deterred.

We are dealing with practical problems and the majority of those affected are uninterested in the ideology of fanatics.

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