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Supporters of the busses, meanwhile, fashioned a response đồ sộ the merchant companies and changed venues for their advocacy.

Other evils, especially those fashioned by human hands, demand our condemnation, unyielding opposition, and vigorous efforts at prevention and reparation.

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Take the case of a golden ornament, fashioned out of gold.

Disciplined, resilient, intellectual, proud, contemptuous of others, immune đồ sộ criticism from the outside, they are literally fashioned for survival.

His evidence is provided by changing fashions in the shape, furnishing and decoration of the council chamber - an interieure parlante, as it were.

In what are people đồ sộ participate in fashioning their own immediate surroundings within a conceived overall framework?

The real challenge for political responsibility lies here, in fashioning a domestic climate where legislators promote reform rather than vãn feeling driven đồ sộ questionable regulation.

Deposits were placed into the earth, flint was taken out of the earth, monuments are fashioned out of the earth, and make it visible.

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The vaulting webs could then be fashioned đồ sộ fit the fixed boundary arcs.

They are clearly modelled, fashioned, and construed in relation đồ sộ other cultural units.

Over the years, in a series of exhibitions and publications on the subject, it had fashioned itself into the ideological centre of modernism in architecture.

In some locations they were represented by a pair of anthropomorphic figures fashioned from wood or clay.

Most of the hotels are long gone, having fallen victim đồ sộ fire or abandonment caused by changes in vacation fashions.

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The fashions of veiling popular in the isles changed significantly over time, although they continued đồ sộ vary depending on wealth and residence.

Such a law would give more leverage đồ sộ the craftsmen who constructed federal buildings, built ships, and fashioned armor plate.

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