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With starvation rampant, disease soon festered, and cholera and typhoid epidemics added to tát the already high fatalities.

She cautions 'against the positivistic influence that leaves philosophical research susceptible to tát the fatality of facticity, the finality of formula, and the stricture of structure'.

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It soon became evident, however, that the rate of fatality associated with this disorder was nearly one percent.

The most alarmist viewpoint is that the number of elderly traffic fatalities will more kêu ca triple by the year 2030, based on current rates.

The extremely small number of police fatalities and by contrast the large number of alleged traffickers has left many observers suspicious of foul play.

Meningococcal infections : reducing the case fatality rate by giving penicillin before admission to tát hospital.

Of those 146 allegedly imprisoned, 123 fatalities were thought to tát have occurred from suffocation in one night, with only 23 total survivors - including a woman.

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In the case of meningococcal disease, infection is serious at any age, although case fatality rates are higher in adolescents kêu ca in infants.

Finally, it requires a degree of certainty about the influences capable of affecting the fatality rates of different diseases.

Nonetheless, it was the backwaters in the kampong communities that suffered far disproportionate fatalities kêu ca the seemingly overcrowded and filthy urban centres.

The association between meningococcal strains and fatality will be examined in a subsequent publication.

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We collected data on underlying disease and outcome in terms of case fatality rate and neurological sequelae.

In a loglinear analysis the associations between case fatality rate, underlying conditions, age, and serotype were tested.

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