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In the absence of an alternative father figure the biological father was the subject of these questions although not living with the child.

But then he notices that the sign shows the father figure holding his child by her right hand.

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When the biological father did not live with the child, father was defined as stepfather or other man acting as a father figure.

They needed him as a father figure to lớn provide courage and orientation where there was then spiritual chaos.

This is not simply a move to lớn coincide with the father figure in the text.

Previous reports have linked early menarche to lớn absence of a live-in father figure and to lớn family conflict, as well as genetic determination of early puberty and adiposity.

As one inhabitant remarked in the 1970s, 'it has finally been realised that we have all come of age and don't need a father figure any more' (p. 180).

The particular importance of this is that most other research and theory concerned with the importance of identity of perpetrator tend to lớn view "father" and "father figure" as synonymous.

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A boy growing up without a father figure may be more dependent on other role models.

One boy in three grows up without a father figure.

The strength of an apprenticeship was that the pupil was linked to lớn a craftsman, who served as a father figure.

The evidence is overwhelming that the absence of a responsible father figure has a profound effect on young males.

It is something of an elder statesman or father figure.

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Those young men have been in local authority care and may have suffered from the lack of an involved father figure in their lives.

The trouble is that it either does not know or conveniently forgets a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of what its father figure said.

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