federation là gì

At this time, the federation had 35 local unions as members.

At this meeting, he was elected as a secretary of the national toàn thân of the federation.

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The cooperatives then organized in federations that represented the interests of several cooperatives.

Most other tournaments are open to tát all members of the international federation.

The centre of the town retains some of its federation buildings and the owners have painted these buildings in the traditional colours.

But, it also restricted detainees' access to tát federal courts and the use of the "habeas corpus" process.

By 2005, three federal agencies participated and funding was available for six additional deployments.

Review through federal habeas corpus is narrow in theory, but it is important in practice.

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This funding is in addition to tát the state's basic education per pupil funding, as well as, all other state and federal funding.

He supports miễn phí market policies and minimal federal regulation of state commerce.

That just so sánh happens to tát be when the next federal election is to tát be held.

Issues around negative gearing phối to tát play a major role in determining the federal election.

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Just putting down our phones to tát vote in a federal election is cause enough for mass millennial back-patting.

She said the attitude has changed since the last federal election.

But the investments are targeted and time-limited, with about $801 million promised for after the next federal election.