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The results in fig. 2 show the relationship between the extinction probability and g for various numbers of surviving flies in the target population.

Larval infestation rates on susceptible wheat tended to lớn show the same patterns as oviposition rates (fig. 2).

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It is not necessary that all six lobes should be present, three may be considered sufficient (fig. 2).

However, most patterns of resource use by seed predators varied between 1996 and 1998 (fig. 3).

In contrast, few dioecious fig pollinators were caught and the turnover of species between years was substantial.

A scheme of the laser power is given in figure 3 the precise shape is drawn in fig. 7 !.

The populations examined in this study also showed significant variability in larval growth rate (fig. 2a).

Mortality of adults of the three species from parasitism was generally higher than thở that of the nymphal stages (table 2; figs 1-3).

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After the final visual count, the cages were carefully emptied with a blower-vac to lớn obtain near-total numbers of arthropods (fig. 2).

On the sides of the eighth abdominal segment a pair of small 5-branched feathered tufts (fig. 11, e).

The latter are arranged in a continuous ring lying immediately below the plasma membrane forming a cytoskeleton (fig. 3b).

Results obtained with inhibitors have been expressed as a percentage of the control to lớn enhance interpretation in fig. 1a.

There was a cellular reaction (fig. 3) involving infiltration of mononuclear cells, plasma cells and mast cells even after worm expulsion.

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The mitochondria occupied a basal position within the tegumental matrix (fig. 2), contrasting with the secretory bodies which were evenly distributed throughout the outer syncytium.

The self-interpreter we used for the one-level lambda-calculus was a direct implementation of the semantic rules in fig. 1 without the injections and projections.

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