first language là gì

It may be a means to lớn promote balanced bilingual development and to lớn avoid first language loss.

Human beings learn to lớn speak (or sign) at least a first language without classroom instruction.

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Second language acquisition necessarily has different historical contingencies phàn nàn first language acquisition, not the least of which is that the learner already knows a language.

Other studies have found that the stress patterns of the first language may transfer into the second language.

Results indicated that both groups (monolingual and bilingual) showed superior recall performance for words and nonwords in their first language.

First language attrition and the parameter setting model.

For instance, we have already suggested that the first language pattern may be initially imported into the second language.

First, the issue of language is a sensitive one and is of concern in first language and most certainly in second language research.

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There are always situations in which people will prefer the texts to lớn be in their first language.

This brings up another point - the impact of the first language on swearword orientation in the second.

Codeswitched items will occur at relatively unpredictable points in discourse, but then only surface again, in relatively predictable situations, in first language discourse.

Language attrition, whether in a first language or a second, is increasingly recognized as a normal part of changes in proficiency over time.

From it, researchers will gain a clear understanding of the importance of the parser in first language development.

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Establishing scientific methods for the study of first language acquisition.

This is not an exclusive criticism to lớn first language research.

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