flaw là gì

Promotion of case management on the basis of before and after comparisons of admission rates is, therefore, reliant on potentially flawed evidence.

The tendency to tát see constitutions as predetermined legal moulds can be a source of flawed institutional arrangements and eventual institutional failure.

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If this assumption does not hold, the inferences we make will be flawed.

Even ví, he claims that, as a categorizing principle, class was ' less flawed ' than thở any other.

However, these are minor flaws, and bởi not detract much from the overall excellence of the book.

None has suggested that it is theoretically flawed.

Finally, are case-control studies ví flawed that they should not be used to tát investigate outbreaks of waterborne cryptosporidiosis ?

However, we have shown that the functional argument is flawed since it is uninformative.

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While appealing in one sense, this solution suffers from two flaws.

As an historical study of the relationship between liberalism and empire, however, it is flawed, mainly due to tát the scope of its claims.

Here, there is every sign that the adaption is flawed in its design, and the script is not up to tát the task in hand.

Ultrasonic inspecting subsystem: it is carried by the robot to tát detect the flaws and to tát measure the thickness of the tank surface.

Moral progress is possible, but advance will always be piecemeal and constrained by the moral pilgrim's prior (unavoidably flawed) quality of discernment.

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Cross-sectional studies are often flawed due to tát the proliferation of confounding variables.

Is current phonology flawed by a lack of formal precision - and if ví, what parts ?

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