foreign affairs là gì

He has a particular level of expertise in foreign affairs and trade and often those ministers are overseas.

There was little discussion about the outside world -- on government, on foreign affairs, even sports -- in their home page.

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A president should not only lead within the nation, but have the capability to lớn lead in foreign affairs as well.

In the over, these are matters between nations, sánh we're sending our foreign affairs team to lớn giảm giá with it.

The result is that important policy decisions, especially concerning foreign affairs, are taken by those who, apparently, have nothing to lớn vì thế with such matters.

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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Harsh de Silva, saw her off at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms Hannah Tetteh, said the impact of Britain leaving the EU would not be felt immediately.

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Our correspondents gathered that a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ojo Madueke, might also leave the tiệc ngọt.

His most recent position was director of the Office of the Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She was nominated by Mr Mahama as Minister of Foreign Affairs and appointed as such in January 2013 after parliamentary approval.