forgery là gì

Too much in this work seems vĩ đại be dismissed as forgery and interpolation.

These manufactured pieces of material culture tự not possess the true dimensions of the original item; they are a forgery or a trompe l'oeil.

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It is less often recognized that the report focused on specific crimes and most notably on forgery.

Public manifestations of disaffection with the law, such as that which surrounded the forgery laws, underpinned their argument and facilitated its success.

It exists, the developers say, sealed inside the eyeball, protected from tampering, damage - or forgery!

By the twelfth century, exemption from both secular and ecclesiastical jurisdiction had been obtained, partly by the judicious use of forgeries.

The committee considered the majority of the documents authentic and noted the few cases in which it suspected forgery.

Behaviors such as forgery, hoarding, printing paper currency without the legitimate backing of bullion, and such are treasonous.

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Ought the crime of forgery vĩ đại be punished with death.

The document is sánh unusual that it seems probable that it is a forgery, though there is no problem with the witness list.

The sequence of revelations in the novel reveals the close interplay between metaphorical and literal forgery and their consequences.

Forgery aroused more controversy kêu ca any other species of capital crime in the 1820s and became the focal point for opposition vĩ đại the capital laws.

And in 1830 two statutes did the same for forgery and coinage offences.

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In the months that followed, the pressure was kept up for reform of the criminal laws and the forgery laws in particular.

The paintings in the gallery turned out vĩ đại be forgeries.

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