formalities là gì

He needs đồ sộ fulfill the formalities given for such an agreement.

The late apprenticeship may have been a legal formality.

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Various implementations demonstrate significant variation in terms of systems of logic and formality.

This required the lowering of administrative formalities and more recognition of professional qualifications of other states.

Although there is no general law prescribing formalities for powers of attorney, there are requirements for powers of attorney for certain specific purposes.

Despite little formal education, he was a prodigious reader and possessed the determination for continued self-study.

Monumental design and formal planning of spaces are hallmarks of the style.

The borrower also avoids the public notoriety of a foreclosure proceeding and may receive more generous terms kêu ca he/she would in a formal foreclosure.

Formal schooling henceforth became impossible, but his parents spent evenings teaching him đồ sộ read and write, skills which proved essential for future self-education.

Since they can be demonstrative đồ sộ their owners and enthusiastic friends towards other animals, formal obedience training and plenty of positive socialization is a must.

The new seminary was the first đồ sộ formalize graduate study for clergymen with a resident student toàn thân and resident faculty.

Attempts đồ sộ formalize the notion of metavariable result in some kind of type theory.

These were formalized through numerous treaties and agreements from 1944.

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In organizations, such practices are formalized and standardized by domain name engineering aka software product line engineering.

The service contract needs đồ sộ be documented đồ sộ formalize the required processing resources by the individual service capabilities.

Unless you are prepared đồ sộ purchase uniforms for everyone, then a formal dress code for your employees will be most helpful.

A local woman has put a Hotline out for men's suits, formal dress wear for moms and dads, hair pieces, and makeup.

His hand forced by the dictates of formal dress, he makes a vastly different impression in a bow tie, the fit of the tux notwithstanding.

Match it with a formal dress shirt and tie đồ sộ be taken seriously.

They were in the church for ages before looking at formal dress at the tailors.

From that time until 2005, the countries did not have any formal relations.

In 1993, they agreed đồ sộ upgrade formal relations đồ sộ embassy-level status.

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Formal relations between the two churches were halted, although they remained in communion with each other.

They discussed renewing formal relations, severed in the 16th century, between their two churches.

Formal relations between the two organizations started in 1977, when they announced their cooperation in financial, political and economic issues.