gaze là gì

I asked these questions simply by gazing at these things, and their beauty was all the answer they gave.

Once the infant is gazing at this stimulus, a second stimulus is briefly flashed on one of the two side screens.

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Encourage the patient to tướng bởi the types of activities recommended for him, and try to tướng prevent him from sitting idly, or gazing at the television.

The scene closes as she gazes in the glass once again, this time on her own initiative.

The uninformative cue comprised a photograph of a forward-facing head with the eyes statically gazing left or right.

There is an intricate co-ordination of pausing and looking within turns, followed by head-nods, smiles, and gazes.

Until the child made a selection, the experimenter kept gazing at the child, thus avoiding looking at either the visible object or the bucket.

The children gazed at their communication partners only at the ends of their utterances, when they looked at them at all.

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They faced each other from about three feet away, with their gazes directed down or out over the heads of the crowd.

The amount and pattern of gazing provides an insight to tướng a person's feelings and attitude towards others, their credibility, honesty and attractiveness.

Of course, it doesn't follow that merely gazing at miniature tableaux would have the same effect.

Throughout, the image of her "young man" gazes down from a photograph over her bed.

In the courtyard, frustrated, he gazed about him.

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The chief defect however is the want of interest, the eye gazes with criticism, but the heart is still.

She gazed up at him seriously, then leaned her puckered forehead on her hand and began to tướng read.

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