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Geckoes with high worm burdens may be more easily captured by predators, especially juvenile geckoes.

The number of endoparasite species and snout vent length of geckoes were positively correlated.

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The prevalence and mean intensity of infection in each species of geckoes are also presented.

Outcrossing may, however, be reduced by gecko territorial behaviour.

Figures are number of geckos observed on inflorescences.

To examine geckos for pollen we pressed adhesive transparent tape onto dorsal and ventral sides of snouts of 96 geckos.

We inspected a large area around the release site and particular areas with high densities of geckos to tướng resight marked ones.

Twenty-one adults and 12 juveniles were examined for geckos.

The present results are based on limited data and further investigations on the ecology and epidemiology of the parasites of house geckoes including climatic data, are required.

Observations were made from a distance of 2 m behind a mosquito net with a small observation hole to tướng prevent geckos from being distracted by our presence.

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Statistical power is limited with four samples, but there was an obvious positive association (r2 = 0.84) between the abundance of this diminutive diurnal gecko and the coverage of leaf litter.

House geckoes and their parasites are also likely to tướng be suitable models for studies on competition by introduced host species.

Eighty per cent of flower-visiting geckos were females and their activity peaked earlier kêu ca that of males.

A foraging bout was here defined as a visit to tướng an inflorescence, starting from the time a gecko began feeding and ending once the gecko left the inflorescence.

Some of the pores in the eggshell open through these nodes, similar to tướng modern geckos, but unique among the dinosauroid-prismatic group of eggs.


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