generalisation là gì

The generalizations are advanced on the basis of statistical data from the population census of 1897 in combination with other quantitative and qualitative sources.

However, many of the interesting problems of generalization in psychological science tự not fit this mold.

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The value of a case study lies in providing evidence vĩ đại advance broader generalizations; the relationship should not be reversed.

This generalization for surfaces is optimal in some sense and also points out the essential topological feature needed for such a result.

The symbolic matrix system is a generalization of a symbolic matrix, and a -graph system is a generalization of a -graph.

We give a non-commutative generalization of classical symbolic coding in the presence of a synchronizing word.

Moreover, there are other generalizations vĩ đại be made which a syntactic analysis has no straightforward way vĩ đại capture.

This analysis is a straightforward generalization of the standard analysis of individual-directed reasoning.

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A straightforward generalization gives all possible order structures.

However, if the goal is translation into several languages eventually every distinction that can be made will be made, and there are few useful generalizations.

This tài khoản depends on a generalization of reinforcement across persons.

In the most general sense, these limits are the limits of generalization, in opposite directions.

These molecules, which are described in detail below, often exhibit differing functions in multiple developmental contexts, ví preventing functional generalizations.

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This paper presents one such process based on the generalization of the genetic crossover operation.

Several commentators advocate moderation on the grounds that a scientific approach must secure itself against premature generalizations.

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