global village là gì

In a global village, major discrepancies in the world will not, in the longer term, be tolerated by the poorest section of the village.

One in five people who live in this global village still have no access lớn education or health care.

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The fact is that we are now living in a global village, and that is no longer something that is capable of being changed.

We will all have lớn change a bit lớn live in a global village.

That is one of the problems of the global village.

People in developing countries belong more lớn the "global village" than thở they once did.

All these definitions and approaches are premised on one 'fact': that the world has become a 'global village'.

The global village is optimistically as well as pessimistically seen a kind of justifying framework - especially useful for organising a life within technological globality.

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If such an entity did not already exist, the global village would have lớn invent it.

Maybe the following reflections on soundscapes, their transformation and transfer can finally provide some ideas about this very special kind of global village locality too.

It isn't a global village, nothing cozy and not that much communal about it.

An awareness of what is the current terminology in the global village is another concern.

It is envisioned as the language for the global village, the lingua franca.

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The global village has arrived.

The world is a 'global village'.

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