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The kết thúc matter includes a very useful discography and bibliography, as well as a glossary and chronology.

Perhaps then more explanations, diagrams and a glossary could be included to lớn improve a separate guide to lớn syntactic analysis.

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The glossary astutely helps readers in different countries to lớn understand terms used locally, particularly regarding policy issues.

The author also provides a glossary and solutions to lớn the exercises at the kết thúc of the book.

Finally, between the kết thúc notes and the references there is a glossary of potentially unfamiliar terms used in the book.

The glossary, absent from the previous book, will be of benefit to lớn readers unfamiliar with terms such as hyaloclastite and tholeiite.

To perform this activity it is very useful to lớn have a glossary of tên miền terms.

To conclude, we recall that our ontology includes a glossary that contains an informal, yet explicit and unambiguous mô tả tìm kiếm of the meaning of a term.

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There is a glossary and a bibliography, each with more kêu ca 300 items.

The book contains 16 chapters, 2 appendixes, a glossary, subject and name indexes, and literature references.

In the glossary, moreover, the terms are chosen to lớn be independent of the projected use of the knowledge, to lớn avoid too many ontological commitments.

There are also a glossary, a bibliography containing more kêu ca 2,000 entries, and an index.

For the terminologically disadvantaged, there is a useful glossary of technical terms (341-350), though the explanations presuppose a fair amount of linguistic sophistication.

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Both have a welcome appendix glossary, together with the expected maps, charts, tables, detailed index and very useful extensive up-to-date bibliography.

Thirdly, where an item is listed and given references other kêu ca to lớn the glossary, they are often very incomplete.

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