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First, the soul is not ' gotten rid of ' ; it retains its identity.

I was very lucky to tướng have gotten through that time.

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The latest any of my informants of the tenant or laboring classes said they had still gotten lands for swiddening was in the late 1960s.

Empirically, of course, we cannot know with confidence what corrupt politicians tự with the ill-gotten gains that they pocket.

More troubling is the implied litmus test - that countries that have gotten this right will be identifiable because they will not make ' policy errors'.

Note that the stative size got is distinguished from a second size of the past participle in get: gotten.

Index cards are then handed to tướng ten randomly selected people and the others are asked to tướng imagine that they had gotten one of the cards.

Nonetheless, research on the effects of depression on memory seems to tướng have gotten off to tướng a slow start.

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The upkeep of the poor was a way of making up for ill-gotten gains.

The difficulty to tướng be gotten around is the fact that some group members benefit "unfairly" from the niche construction activities of other group members.

Maybe it has gotten away from us, but we cannot say that for sure at present.

Would you say that over the past year the economy of the country has gotten better, stayed about the same or gotten worse?

Would you say that over the past year the nation's economy has gotten better, stayed about the same, or gotten worse?

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Have you gotten high/tight when drinking alone?

We think that by adopting criminal laws and by subscribing to tướng morality we have gotten rid of conflict.

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