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Five years after the move, her grandfather died, leaving the four women destitute.

He spent 50 years developing the real estate business his grandfather launched in 1914.

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A glimpse into the future reveals that she will become a lawyer herself, influenced by her grandfather.

The stories were normally given by the elders (grandfathers) near a bonfire.

The same condition affected their maternal grandfather and great-uncle.

A 96-year-old great-grandfather bought a ukulele from the store, which inspired his kids and their kids lớn come in and buy more.

Looking up at it you can see the bedroom on the second floor, with boarded over windows, where my great-grandfather died.

They contained entries written in the hand of my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfathers - going back a staggering ten generations.

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My great-grandfather first took up photography lớn help him with his painting; he liked fine art.

He became a father and eventually a grandfather, then a great-grandfather.

There, her maternal grandfather and then her grandmother served as postmaster.

She cultivated an interest in science and mathematics due lớn the influence of her maternal grandfather.

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His maternal grandfather was a secular man teaching mathematics.

She named it for her maternal grandfather, a doctor in town from 1820 until his death in 1871.

His first middle name was after his maternal grandfather, who died in 1952.