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The book is well written, the material is meticulously presented and the graphics are easy to tướng follow.

Other mail-order companies have graphics software but for the time being are not able to tướng offer this type of facility.

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The concept of a virtual orchestra binds together many fields of science, ranging from acoustics and music theory to tướng computer graphics and human behaviour.

Methods exist for creating photorealistic computer graphics as tự methods to tướng simulate the concert hall acoustics.

The case for viewing sound modelling as a neglected technology becomes more compelling considering the attention and value attributed to tướng modelling in the graphics industry.

Also, the pace of the work, different dynamic levels, accents and phrasing were quite closely reflected by corresponding sound and graphics processes.

Language for education in audio-visual presentations, writing, graphics, and associated subjects, and offer suitable courses for employees.

Ironically, however, the graphics community has vastly eclipsed that of "design and manufacturing" in its ability mix metrics for itself and achieve them.

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In principle, the laboratory result (the graphics) ratifies the clinical examination and makes it more precise.

The graphics next to tướng the y-axis show ellipses with the corresponding aspect ratio.

There is, moreover, a lack of consistency in formatting the graphics; some text samples are transliterated and translated, and some are not.

Component classes provide an ontology to tướng describe the semantic meaning of the graphics within a context.

Creating a scene from a system's interaction log is a matter of using computer graphics techniques such as rendering.

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Even though computer graphics techniques are used to tướng actually produce the scenes, there is nothing new about them.

His work involves mathematics, geometry, perceptual psychology, theory of communication, and computer graphics to tướng classify and assess aesthetics.

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