hammer là gì

The man of the left then removes the metal he was hammering and places it into a bucket of water.

In this type, the hammers are arranged as a hammerbank; a type of comb that oscillate horizontally to lớn produce a line of dots.

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The player then hammers onto the strings with the fingertips in the same way that one would strike a piano key.

Before stepping through the big gate, one can hear the clanking of the coppersmiths hammers in the distance.

They hammered on two nose cones, poured blood on documents and offered prayers for peace.

But if it was a burglary, why would you take a claw hammer?

He came into the house shortly after police arrived and was armed with a claw hammer inside a plastic bag.

A claw hammer can also be used.

Having a claw hammer held to lớn your head certainly changes you.

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A claw hammer is a builder's tool, with the cleft claw used for pulling nails out of timber.

The sledge hammer contained smears of the same paint.

She admits the enormity of what happened hit her lượt thích a sledge hammer.

But the sledge hammer approach also resonates louder: it suggests a certain surety of opinion, and it effectively flattens objection.

Heavier blows using a sledge hammer will bend the steel further.

The player gets to lớn bring the sledge hammer to lớn every practice and carry it into the stadium for that week's game.

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Such material typically requires pre-blasting or use of percussion hammers or chisels to lớn facilitate excavation.

However, this proved to lớn be cumbersome, as the weight of the chest percussion hammer was insufficient to lớn generate an adequate stimulus for a reflex.

The bolt contained a firing pin that used the existing percussion hammer, ví no changes were required to lớn the lock.