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The qualitative nature of the discussion in the text does not depend on having only one person.

This strengthens the case for work factors having a greater impact on socioeconomic inequalities in psychological distress among men.

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The precursor to lớn having one's integrity protected (embodied by the requirement of one's consent) is the capacity to lớn exercise will, make choices, and communicate desires.

The fitness consequences of bearing domatia and having the right ant partner: experiments with protective and non-protective ants in a semi-myrmecophyte.

All of these countries reported having government regulations to lớn protect patient-level data.

Having been purposefully sampled, all specialties of community nursing were represented.

The unmodelled environmental interaction was represented by a spring having viscous friction (' 'dashpot' ').

Trainees reported having to lớn work hard to lớn promote the role and to lớn build effective working relationships with colleagues.

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They reported being interested in what was being offered without having any pre-existing intention to lớn take up these offers.

Some young people reported having a poor rapport with their treating oncologist.

Those who reported having a partner at both time points comprised the control group.

First, we scored all parties as having a left-right position equal to lớn its mean value over the entire post-war period.

Although those with more moderate illness remained in the community, they were not necessarily recognized as having a mental illness.

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This removes the need for having separate queues for events and input conditions during behavioral model implementation.

For achieving this purpose, the commission stresses the importance of having reliable and comparable information on health interventions.

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