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Our study has also shown that had has risen to lớn a lesser degree and that hid has centralized.

As a consequence, the realization dawned that the organizational separation into these social spheres generated just as many new perspectives as it hid from view.

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His tan jacket almost hid a red flannel shirt.

Since head is both more raised and longer kêu ca hid, this suggests that it would be perceived as a tense vowel.

Both sides might premise that there were things indifferent, but this hid deep divisions.

He hid from his neighbors the cutting that would have scandalized them.

The economic bustle provided a veneer of economic prosperity that hid the continuing depredations of military attempts to lớn eradicate clandestine resistance.

All of the hid stems but two are monosyllabic, and of these, most contain the vowel /i:/.

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The task started with the story of a pirate who hid his treasure in a certain place in a cave.

Whole villages of people disappeared into forests or hid in caves in the mountainous regions.

Gorgeous ornaments distract the imagination of the observer; and the wearer, lượt thích the silk-worm, is hid amid her own magnificence.

Analyses of individual performance were conducted to lớn see whether these group findings actually hid more differentiated, but contrasting, patterns.

A key finding was that young people hid their risky behaviours from parents.

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Modest net changes in community structure hid fast dynamics occurring in some sites.

Equally, men preferred not to lớn discuss their military experiences with each other, but hid their traumatic memories behind displays of macho posturing.

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