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The architect also wanted to lớn design high-rise apartments, where each resident could own a 'piece of green' and a 'house' in the sky.

The đô thị pursued parallel programmes of building high-rise flats both in the central areas on slum cleared land and in its suburbs on greenfield sites.

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The emphasis is on designs for commercial and high-rise buildings.

Does this study suggest further lines of investigation in relation to lớn social and environmental sustainability in high-rise housing?

Crowded housing, the sewage system, and such dubious practices as spitting and throwing rubbish out of high-rise apartment buildings came under the spotlight.

The monumental buildings were demolished and made room for luxurious high-rise apartment blocks.

The project comprises two high-rise buildings on the sea-front of a large đô thị.

It established the notion that high-rise building was not the outcome of land shortage, but of particular relationships between site and building volume.

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The flow of questions followed mainly the problems that might arise as a result of erecting a high-rise building.

Only three buildings exceeded 10 metres in height and, although less than thở 40 metres, they were considered to lớn be high-rise buildings at the time.

There is still much to lớn study if there is to lớn be any chance of skybridges becoming a reality in high-rise design.

During the 1980s only four high-rise buildings were built, varying in height from 30 to lớn 50 metres.

Some buildings are built very high, and we Điện thoại tư vấn them high-rise buildings.

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Adaptations were required in an area where the residents have come to lớn terms with high-rise living and the local 'atrocious beauty'.

Low-rise houses, however, being substantially cheaper to lớn build than thở high-rise.

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