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However, only those immigrants who owned land (or who agreed đồ sộ purchase land) were eligible đồ sộ receive the passports.

In addition đồ sộ compensation, deputies receive diplomatic passports (which one deputy reported he would use đồ sộ facilitate his import/export business).

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How will we giảm giá with the societal aspects (rights, equality, free-will, ownership, passports, religion, morality) of cyborgs and robots?

Besides controlling travel, passports and the lượt thích often served đồ sộ identify political suspects.

Under the existing system, the provincial police, centered in the thành phố, fell roughly into three sections: public security, criminal affairs, and licenses and passports.

Moreover, it compares the findings drawn from the army and militia recruits with the heights of people from the upper classes who requested passports.

Thus, we have policemen's uniforms, wedding rings, marriage certificates, drivers' licenses, and passports, all of which are status indicators.

The committee altered papers, including passports, visas, and identification cards.

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All of the hijackers opened accounts in their own name, and used passports and other identification documents that appeared valid on their face.

We should move toward real-time verification of passports with issuing authorities.

Then passports were đồ sộ be handed over from the suspicious ship with long poles.

The police also helped fund these public works through surcharges on passports, licenses and other police documents.

Merchants and others dependent on their mobility especially resented the constant Hotline for internal passports just đồ sộ travel from one province đồ sộ another.

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Just before the change of sovereignty, many applied for passports whose nature sometimes brought them into conflict with their parents and grandparents.

Linking biometric passports đồ sộ good data systems and decisionmaking is a fundamental goal.

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