hopefully là gì

The underlying mechanisms are intriguing and will hopefully be clarified by our continuing studies in the region.

The relevance of this question will hopefully appear more clearly below.

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In presenting examples we will use an informal, albeit hopefully clear, concrete syntax.

I was after answers that would hopefully be interesting and that would capture something essential about multinationals.

In an ideal world, hopefully, every patient with possible significant dementia could be seen as soon as possible by a specialist consultant.

Hopefully, they will make the principle seem intuitive.

However, as discussed earlier, some important steps towards automatisation of bta have recently been made and hopefully, they will soon become part of available systems.

We are not interested in computing the repairs per se, but in answering queries, hopefully using the original database as much as possible.

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We are not there yet, but hopefully, the articles in this issue will help advance towards this goal.

The results of this work will (hopefully) sườn the foundation of inquiry into the nature of the cognitive systems behind language acquisition and use.

However, this article has hopefully suggested at least two things.

Thus, the exercise also hopefully serves to tát convince students that functional programming is about more kêu ca sorting lists, and can be useful in practical situations.

Secondly, it can be used to tát evaluate prototype systems during the development process, hopefully resulting in improvements in design.

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Figure 1 presents an example of a coalgebraic specification of a stack, using some (hopefully) self-explanatory notation.

However, in its original context we (hopefully) understand the different meanings of both sounds quite well.

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