hot nghĩa là gì

They thought the whale had washed ashore recently, and were hot on the trail of a governmental blubber flub-up.

One can actually feel the difference in temperatures as one descends it becomes hotter and hotter.

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They were still manufacturing steam and hot water boilers and radiators as well as plumbing supplies.

Then pancakes are made on a very hot griddle.

Generally the grill is surmounted by a hot plate or griddle.

It is the trang chính of scenic beauty and biodiversity hot spot with terrestrial salubrious climate.

City restaurants have been a hot spot for thieves who are in tìm kiếm for easy picks.

If they lose the battle, it would mean death of an aboriginal tribe and a precious and ancient ecological hot spot.

Referred to lớn as "291," the run-down space was spruced up and quickly became a hot spot for progressive photography, avant-garde art and modernist theory.

Shrimps was a hot spot with the in-crowd.

But afternoons in the rainy season can be hot and humid, a feature of tropical climates.

Summer days tend to lớn be hot, but the temperature drops significantly at night.

Typically, there is no way of determining whether a given pepper will be hot or mild, short of actually eating it.

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With the exception of laboratory versions, hazmat suits can be hot and poorly ventilated (if at all).

The gas may be hot air, hydrogen or helium.

And a hot pot of fish and chicken brought us to lớn a perfect ending.

Without any kind of promotion, many customers have discovered her unique hot pot via social truyền thông or through word-of-mouth recommendations.

By the time your server brings the platter of meat and seafood for the hot pot, you've had a three-course tasting thực đơn.

Try his yosenabe, a hot pot of seafood.

From there, guests get to lớn craft a unique looking hot pot holder, "jostrs," from juniper they get to lớn keep as a memento.

But legal observers hotly debate the bounds of the drone war, and who qualifies as a thành viên of the enemy force.

During the commission's hearings, the issue of minority representation was the most hotly debated.

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When it comes to lớn citations, the data are obsessively measured, although their significance is hotly debated.

We continue to lớn hotly debate whether a fetus is a person.

Even sánh, just how much people will need in super to lớn retire comfortably is hotly debated in the industry.