huge nghĩa là gì

Given the huge importance of this collection it might seem churlish to tướng introduce a note of caution.

He thinks naturally in huge lengths, and in transitions between them.

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Eventually the number of bacterial progeny becomes huge, and they swarm on the medium, forming a visible colony.

Huge sections of the outer walls had collapsed and other parts were in very poor shape.

Poverty, therefore, is a huge risk factor in depression and poor psychological wellbeing.

My basic idea is a feeling for a huge shape, which gets realized piece by piece.

This is a relatively unexplored phenomenon with huge potential for identity analysis.

Without enjoying diplomatic immunity and often endangering themselves and their families, they undertook a huge effort in the area of human-rights preservation.

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This is a huge encyclopedic ornate text in three volumes that covers approximately 3,000 pages.

The interatrial septum bulged to tướng the left, contributing further to tướng the huge right atrium.

This is a drawback when the number of atomic data is huge, as happens in dense plasmas, because the computer time increases in excess.

This massive two-volume tome exerted huge influence on nearly all areas touching upon civil rights up to tướng twenty years after its original publication.

These microbes have adapted to tướng survive within a huge range of different environments inaccessible to tướng us more ' ' evolved ' ' creatures.

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But any such advantages would be drastically offset by the inordinate repetition and huge length that such a method of presentation would demand.

This is an ambitious and hard-working book that incorporates reference to tướng a huge range of theoretical perspectives.

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