hum là gì

They might be eating, talking, whistling, humming, smoking during the most dramatic scenes.

Although cars stream by, pedestrians lose the impetus to tát move forward, derailed by this cool pool of sound with its mysterious, chantlike hum.

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If a tort system were a stereo system, the cognitive bias would be the hum or hiss, not one of the instrumental tracks.

The precomputed lighting gives a huge lift in architectural quality; and ambient sounds such as bird tuy vậy and air-conditioning hum strengthen the experience even further.

Intermittent cross-fertilization has kept all these fields humming!

She hummed phrases to tát herself and subsequently searched for the corresponding notes on the piano.

But when the tune begins to tát sound lượt thích an advertising jingle, one hopes economists would not merely hum along.

Temporal organization of flowering among the humming bird food plants of a tropical wet forest.

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In parallel, the vibration or hum from wind turbines discourage their inclusion as part of building structures for human occupation.

Technical equipment from research facilities, as well as ventilation systems, creates a continuous hum that is partly airborne and partly structurally carried.

A jugular venous hum always disappears in die recumbent position and should, therefore, never be confused with a continuous murmur from a duct.

And he started to tát hum as he offered aperitifs.

In their installation, autonomous robots react to tát visitors by humming sad or happy music, and by moving in a particular manner.

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The bird-scaring tape hums in the wind and was attached in several strands lượt thích a bow harp.

He hums - that's the nicest thing about the role.

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