human nature là gì

This is why there is in human nature a certain initial participation of the good which is proportionate to tướng that nature.

On the other hand, it is human nature to tướng be selfish.

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There is no abstract reason or human nature as such.

It is not the purpose of musical education to tướng make children musical: they are already musical, since that is part of their human nature.

For example, thanks to tướng nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence, human nature could be enhanced.

In what sense would human nature be under threat if all future humans were immortal?

But if we leave all to tướng technology, which we could tự, human nature will rebel in the kết thúc.

By accepting this vision of the childbecoming-adult, children remain tied to tướng liberalism's assumptions about human nature, and a society in which social relationships are marginalised.

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Indeed, such a norm would fly in the face of human nature.

Uncertainty here is derived from the unpredictability of human nature.

There is no possible world in which an assumed human nature sins.

Given facts about human nature and our condition, this state of being conduces to tướng a person's good in several ways.

However, instead of identifying its subjectivity or outlining the character of technology, deficiencies in human nature have mainly been described.

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This could, again, be backed by various arguments, including some relying on the teleology of human nature.

Both sides had found a way to tướng describe the liên kết, or unity, between divine and human nature.

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