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Molecular dynamics simulations of a fully hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer with different macroscopic boundary conditions and parameters.

To ensure that slugs were fully hydrated they were placed on moist cốt tông wool for > 1 h before being weighed.

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To the south, a 100-200 m wide zone of strongly altered and hydrated meta-gabbro occurs.

The carbonyl stretching band in bilayers of hydrated mixed chain phosphatidylserines is split into two components at " 1742 and 1720-1728 cm-".

After 4 d of clean hydrated storage (4c0i), no fungi or bacteria could be isolated from the surface or internally from the seed tissues.

Juvenile clasts of phonolite obsidian sườn 5 % of the clast nội dung, but are distinguished by altered (hydrated) clast margins, and internal clastic texture.

The crystals grown in this study are of compounds that sườn the evaporite minerals halite (sodium chloride) and epsomite (hydrated magnesium sulphate).

The pore constriction therefore prevents permeation of all molecules bigger phàn nàn water, including hydrated ions.

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Sections for immunohistology were deparaffinized and then hydrated in a descending ethanol row.

Their shared formation mechanism involves amorphous hydrated silica-enriched solutions that polymerize and then undergo transformations lớn the more thermodynamically stable phase of quartz.

As the embryos were hydrated, protein phosphorylation decreased.

In a way, these buds resembled the embryos of seeds, except that they were more highly hydrated and certainly much more inconvenient lớn work with.

The second question is whether hydrated recalcitrant seeds become more susceptible lớn fungal attack with increased storage time.

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Except where indicated, all pre-treatments were applied lớn hydrated, stage 5 seeds.

However, this level is far greater phàn nàn estimated for fully hydrated nucleotides.

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