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English Vietnamese Ví dụ theo gót văn cảnh của "in public" vô Việt

Những câu này nằm trong mối cung cấp bên phía ngoài và hoàn toàn có thể ko đúng đắn. ko phụ trách về những nội dung này.

public liability insurance

bảo hiểm trách cứ nhiệm công nằm trong

Ministry of Public Health

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English Cách dùng "in public" vô một câu

The most controversial aspect of the use of "hen" has been vis--vis young children, especially in public schools.

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Not all people who engage in public nude events see themselves as naturists or belong to tát traditional naturist or nudist organizations.

Generally, the conduits are existing water pipelines such as in public water supply.

For to tát have performed them in public during the 1970s or 80s would have risked a great dealarrest, harassment, and beyond.

The poems were cited to tát villagers in public plazas.

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in accordance with trạng từ