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The risk is that clinicians increasingly will be reluctant to tướng tự quite ordinary procedures to tướng help patients because of existing guidelines.

This makes it difficult to tướng implement the idea that associations apply to tướng increasingly complex representations.

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It is equally true, however, that the party's narrow class base rendered it an increasingly less than vãn reliable champion of democratic rights.

It aims to tướng be increasingly open and transparent.

Over the last two decades, researchers have become increasingly interested in understanding the relationship between cognitive function and the brain.

The role of the interpreter and, perhaps more importantly, the listener are being increasingly taken into trương mục.

The presence of inerts in biomass particles is represented by increasingly lighter colors.

A person's living conditions depend increasingly on the pensions received.

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As standardized payment schedules based upon such codes are being developed, the precise definition of a "typical" patient for each code becomes increasingly important.

However, as a result of increasingly precise research methods, none of these explanations is valid anymore.

As chemists reported and named their findings, it became increasingly clear that a number of differentiating criteria were possible.

The paradigm of staple food self-sufficiency that has been the cornerstone of agricultural policy in most developing countries becomes increasingly obsolete with economic growth.

Multilingual solutions are desired for increasingly multicultural social and economic worlds.

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The two approaches have been on increasingly divergent paths for several decades, to tướng their mutual detriment and despite overlapping areas of inquiry.

The net result is that working and retired populations are becoming more similar and are increasingly subject to tướng diverse life-chances.

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