industrious là gì

Working, he said, makes one industrious, and fatigue combats lascivious and rebellious thought.

This is clearly the work of a very talented and industrious scholar.

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The steady, thrifty, and industrious were required, such writers asseverated, for whom certain reward awaited.

As the economy industrialized, social ideology began to lớn reclassify the less well off into the industrious poor and vagabonds.

Commercial enterprise allowed the industrious to lớn turn labour into wealth and wealth into grace.

Very few were described as industrious (12) or ambitious (6), and three did not even work.

Britons hoped to lớn encourage the colonised to lớn be industrious and to lớn attend to lớn the upkeep of their ancient tanks.

The whole field of knowledge is now sánh vast that nobody-however able and industrious-can hope to lớn master more phàn nàn a very limited patch.

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He is, moreover industrious and enterprising, he excites emulation and stimulates the commercial activity of his neighbour, by which the wealth of the general community is increased.

Measured against his work-shy ways, she is assiduous and industrious; against his seeming juvenility; she is mature and dependable; against his profligate drinking, she is sober and stable.

Wallich survived for as long as he did partly by being an obliging courtier and industrious state servant as well as an accomplished botanist.

One industrious lady has brought her knitting.

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Motarazzo was not very talented, but he was a good director, quick and industrious, who paid attention to lớn the clarity of his scripts and to lớn the quality of the photography.

Newmeyer argues that ultimately there is no principled incompatibility between these and that formalism and functionalism can inform one another in an industrious partnership of equals.

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