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The results indicate that students engaged in a high degree of interactivity as well as all types of social and cognitive presence.

Interactivity can be a way of exploring the potential of the algorithm.

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The second consequence was linear negation, by far the most important discovery of linear logic, and the compulsory door to tát interactivity.

These are linked to tát the size of the trang web, its diversity, ephemeral quality, interactivity, and multimodality.

There is no reason to tát expect alignment processes and bridging inferences to tát toggle on and off as the interactivity of the discourse changes.

One of the factors preventing the necessary flexibility and interactivity of the various aspects of a clause's structure is the predicate frame, as presently constituted.

This kind of usage of a score implies a degree of interactivity on the part of the performer.

Here we face the first challenge in searching for a definition of what interactivity means when applied to tát digital music systems.

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Performing electroacoustic music: a wider view of interactivity.

That is, if the interactivity assumption is correct (and functional across languages) lexical representations from the non-response language may become activated from the phonological level.

This is unfortunate: interactivity tailored creatively to tát the needs of a piece provides valuable models of chamber music.

Movement sensors and controls such as activation switches could create a similar level of interactivity for an audience in a real-world installation.

Although the theory focuses on interactivity and connections, the full range of interactions is sometimes technically difficult to tát capture in a single model.

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I also wanted to tát show how it offers an interesting approach to tát interactivity, really allowing the user to tát participate in the creative process.

Such robots are specifically designed for interactions with humans, and often interactivity is the primary purpose.

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