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One can interpret the graph in several ways. Firstly it shows…

Có thể hiểu biểu thiết bị này theo đòi vô số cách không giống nhau. Cách loại nhất là...

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As a name, it may loosely be interpreted as an exhortation lớn spread your dreams high lượt thích the sky.

She survives, and interprets her survival as a sign that she deserves lớn recover her life.

The excavators found a number of circular features, which they interpreted as the remains of roundhouses.

Graphics interpretation questions ask test takers lớn interpret a graph or graphical image.

She grew up interpreting her father's music with movement on ice as a competitive figure skater.

There are two contrary interpretations of the term exceeding authorized access by the courts.

Interpretation of measurement results yield the possibility lớn distinguish between new, strongly aged and faulty cables and appropriate maintenance and repair measures may be planned.

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Note that deformation analysis and interpretation of the data collected by the monitoring system is not included in this definition.

Although he was in favour of historical materialism, he strongly argued against its deterministic interpretation.

His interpretation of the lyrics was realized by supple melodies and rich harmonic palette of the piano part.

The miễn phí clinics provide medical services lớn thousands of people every year by utilizing a network of volunteer doctors, nurses, interpreters and administrative personnel.

Our interpreter was the sole conversational links between us and the remote world in which we found ourselves.

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One of the missionaries, acting as an interpreter and witness, read the complete text.

It uses a dual interpreter model with the untrusted interpreter running code in an untrusted script.

Television channels have begun lớn hire staff simultaneous interpreters.