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Therefore, interstellar panspermia events are related to lớn the average mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of stellar systems containing habitable planets.

Thus, typically of a chain reaction, either interstellar panspermia has proceeded to lớn completion or it has not taken place at all.

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The interstellar medium provides yet another illustration of convergent phenomena that occur at a cosmic level.

Also, the gas and dust of the interstellar medium will be involved in the exchange.

If we apply this ratio to lớn dusty plasmas in the interstellar medium, the ratio becomes much less kêu ca unity.

These supernova explosions are a source of enrichment of the chemical composition of the interstellar medium.

Direct investigation, using interstellar travel (either by us or by them) seems impractical at best and impossible at worst.

At a point well beyond the solar system when considering missions to lớn interstellar space, beamed core becomes superior.

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It is generally considered that ion-molecule reactions are key processes of interstellar chemistry.

This suggests that, if glycine presently detected in chondrites has an interstellar origin, it must have been synthetized as its protonated khuông by ion-molecule processes.

For instance, polyynes are released by carbon-rich stars in the interstellar medium.

Combining two irradiation types in different stages of interstellar flight could compensate the effects of low reagents concentration and temperature.

This leads us to lớn propose the adoption of the petrochemical approach just described to lớn the case of interstellar molecules.

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Extrasolar micrometeors radiating from the vicinity of the local interstellar bubble.

Assessment of the interstellar processes leading to lớn deuterium enrichment in meteoritic organics.

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