ironic là gì

Ironic twist endings were a key feature of each episode.

The name of the strip was an ironic and sarcastic take on this.

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They are obliquely ironic as a result of trying lớn withstand political scrutiny.

His attempt is in fact successful, but in an ironic twist, the hurricane blows butterflies lớn the peak of the mountain.

At full-time scores were locked at 8-8, again forcing the game into extra time, an ironic repeat of the 2006 decider.

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At this point, new pipework was made from galvanized iron instead of copper or brass.

The cast iron also provides a robust, earthy flavor lớn food cooked in this fashion.

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Cast iron is a hard brittle material that is difficult lớn work, whereas steel is malleable, relatively easily formed and a versatile material.

They activate a large electromagnet, which draws the iron armor back toward the hall.

In war time the sides were raised lớn two feet, and were then covered with iron or brass plates.