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If the nuclear status was unclear, the oocytes were mounted on slides that had been prepared with petroleum jelly/paraffin wax supporting droplets.

The corneas were kept moist with a few drops of mineral oil or white petroleum jelly.

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Furthermore, anti-asterosap rabbit antibody significantly decreased die acrosome reaction-inducing activity of the jelly solution and the activity was restored by addition of excess asterosap.

We then placed the animal in a stereotactic head-restraining device and anesthetized pressure points with lidocaine jelly.

Thus, spermatozoon interaction with and movement through the jelly layers is of critical importance to tát the accomplishment of fertilisation.

They contain the condensed material giving rise to tát the egg jelly after fertilisation.

The experimental results are presented using the kết thúc effector that has been operated to tát lift non-rigid food materials such as jelly blocks.

Name the designer of the shoe that spawned millions of plastic imitations, known as "jellies".

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In nereids, egg jelly therefore forms after fertilisation as opposed to tát ovulation.

A bubble in the jelly serves as a convenient reference point in this series.

For this reason, production and storage of egg jelly precursor in nereids may have been conferred upon the oocytes.

The nictitating membrane was retracted with phenylephrine hydrochloride and the corneas protected with either mineral oil or white petroleum jelly.

Samples consisted of 4-5 primordia from a single seed, with the cut surfaces coated with petroleum jelly, and were replicated four times.

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In the echinoderms, peptides released from the jelly coat of eggs play a pivotal role as a signal for such changes.

Monogeneans were counted, fixed in 70% ethanol, cleared in lactophenol, and mounted in glycerol jelly.

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