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This factor, however, never inspired the families to tát adopt joint family forms.

As members of a joint family, they enjoyed control over its resources.

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Widows, (girl) orphans, new daughters-in-law, and unwanted wives are amongst those who could traditionally expect the lowest levels of consideration within the joint family system.

He suggests that even in the seventeenth century the underlying pattern was not that of a joint family system.

In essence, the joint family was a micro social security system.

In particular, we must consider the pastoralists' adherence to tát the joint family pattern.

Individual interviews were conducted separately with the target boy and his caregiver(s) following a joint family-interaction task.

There are several possible explanations why youngest brothers were sánh often chosen as participants in joint family forms.

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Certainly joint family households, with a labour force of at least four members, were in an advantageous position to tát retain and increase their landholdings.

As household heads aged, the percentages of joint family households rose.

The joint family household size became more predominant as heads neared the age of 60.

Having an extended joint family may help in reducing the burden of troublesome behaviour.

The joint family was ruptured and women were increasingly forced to tát live in usually oppressive households, without their husbands.

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As a component of the ' household-formation system ', this pattern of property transmission supported the preservation of an undivided patrimony, securing the maintenance and the reproduction of patrilineal joint family households.

Urbanisation, modernisation and globalisation have led to tát changes in economic structure, erosion of societal values and the weakening of social institutions such as the joint family.

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