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It has no straightforward path of access for those without a knowledge base, or "computer know-how".

Their modus operandi is evidently architectural and is embedded in a well-considered know-how related to lớn the smallscale.

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Because the aim of our approach is to lớn acquire know-how knowledge without disrupting a normal design process, we adopted a bottom-up approach.

Farmers that produce commodity grain crops are highly invested in this conventional system through equipment and increased acreage costs, and often through tradition and know-how.

The developed nations should offer the less developed ones greater access to lớn the know-how they have already developed for dealing with certain environmental problems.

That amounts to lớn a great khuyến mãi of technological know-how and potential, and financial capital.

It favours the exchange of knowledge and know-how among different scientific communities, promoting the development of new technologies for terrestrial and space applications.

Such know-how is generally elaborated case-by-case in unwritten rules.

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When science is diverted from them, science suffers an irreparable loss of know-how in the size of specialized information and methodology.

Moreover, it is still a challenge to lớn capture know-how knowledge automatically.

More evidence is required to lớn identify whether community nurses possess a repertoire of assessment know-how and/or have the ability to lớn select appropriately from this.

This paper describes how new insight into community nursing know-how or professional artistry was produced through qualitative analysis of 30 transcripts of audiorecorded simulation data.

It is not necessarily either a simple or direct route between knowledge (either research-generated or uncodified know-how) and technical innovation.

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And this know-how, in turn, constitutes nothing but the effective methodology of physics.

For example, we cannot apply know-how for a gear system as it is to lớn a problem of designing a robot arm.

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